About Us

Welcome to NISMAR

Our Profile

NISMAR SHIPPING LTD. has been rendering full management services for General cargo/Bulk carriers;
consisting technical, crewing, insurances, purchasing/supplies, ISM and similar issues.

Our Mission

To grow continuously, effectively and productively in the maritime sector, creating a fleet
of young ships of tonnage and types that comply with the contemporary quality management
standards of the maritime trade, robustly expanding to carry the company into tomorrow along
the lines of its vision.

Our Vision

To engage in management services and shipping in the international maritime sector,
meeting international industry standards in both business management and life, property
and environmental safety with high-quality and young ships and sustaining a presence over
future generations.

Our history

“Nismar Shipping Ltd.” was incorporated on 01.10.2013 with a team who served shipping sector for many years especially on board experienced.
Team has broad history on different type of vessels, sizes from coaster to handymax in dry cargo segment, all areas of the world.
Also acted many investment projects as per market demands through years.
With our extensive maritime backgrounds and diverse experience, we will continue to expand and improve the company in the years to come.
Increasing number of ships by years and aiming to keep modern and younger tonnage.

Our policies

Providing excellent ship management services
Meeting and exceeding customer requirements
Providing tailor-made innovative services which are cost-effective, safe and reliable
Developing and upgrading resources
Creating and implementing Industry Best Practices

Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees
Aiming for accident free operation
Preventing loss of life and avoiding damage to property
Assessing all risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establishing appropriate safeguards
Complying with all industry National and International rules and regulations
Improving the safety skills of its employees
Continuously promoting a safety culture
Preparing to respond to any kind of emergencyo.

Strictly prohibiting employees to carry out duties whilst impaired by alcohol or any illegal or non-prescribed drug
Dismissing any employee found to be breaking these Company rules
Preventing any kind of pollution.
Protecting natural resources.
Complying with all applicable environmental & energy legislation and regulatory controls.
Controlling and improving the energy use, consumption and efficiency.
Respect and responsibility from all employees towards the protection of the environment and energy saving.
Joining efforts with international and national organisations for protection of the world´s environment and energy saving.